Marzocchi 2011 Gravity Forks and Shocks


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Jun 26, 2009

After a couple of years of questionable product and some management changes Marzocchi has really begun to turn things around. Their resurgence has led to a bevvy of cool products, which you'll find here!

The new 66 series has 180mm travel, RC3 EVO tuning technology in the higher end models, and comes in either tapered or 1.5 steer tube options.

The red and blue stanchions will not be a production option.

Marzocchi had a series of custom forks made for the show, from green-on-green to gold and black, everything was flashy and eye-catching.

The 2011 888 will have 200mm of travel, high and low speed compression adjust and rebound; it will come in the color grey...

The 888 EVO Ti has titanium springs and will weigh 2990 grams.

Rear shocks for 2011 include the Roco Air and Coil. The coil version has externally adjustable high speed compression and rebound.

For more information on the Marzocchi line for 2011, including their XC and AM forks, check out the Marzocchi website.



Jun 15, 2009
SE Virginia
It's kinda sad that there not going to produce the colored stanchions, I think it would of took off like a rocket, Oh well, maybe one day!