Marzocchi 66 bushings - how can I fix them?


Feb 20, 2009

I'm new here but reliably(ish) informed it's the place to go for tech advice so here goes. I am the sorry owner of some Marz 66 RCVs and as most folk know the bushings aren't even made right to start with. So what can I do to stop them knocking? I'm in a pretty industrial area so could probably find somewhere with machining equipment if necessary.

And, is there a way to make them plusher for my feeble 140lb and mincing riding style? I have a soft Rockshox something-or-other spring in there which is much better than the Marz one but am still rarely getting full travel even with no air in the preloader (actually I even sucked the air out to make them slightly plusher, which helped slightly).

So, any hints?




Jul 28, 2008
Get new bushings installed by your LBS and they should do the trick.

Some of the lowers that were shipped had bad tolerances in the space where the bushings sit, new lowers will then be required.

In rare cases, the bushings haven't been pushed down far enough and that may be the root of your problem, however this is very rare.

As for your plushness problem: a lighter oil the fork may get the job done if you are not willing to get even softer springs.

Also check that the oil level is correct, many a Mz. has left the factory with too much oil and are impossible to bottom out.


Feb 20, 2009
Thanks for that, I've just been reading on mtbr about oil levels so I reckon that might be the solution for the travel problem.

I think the bushings might be harder to solve though because everyone I've spoken to has said they are just poorly made and it's barely worth changing them, certainly mine went within a few weeks. Maybe I'll get the bushing tool and a big supply of spares, and change them every month...

thanks for the advice


- seb

Turbo Monkey
Apr 10, 2002
"reliably(ish)"?? Bloody cheek! I'm so gonna open a can of whoop-ass on you at the Midlands for that! ;)

Did Emily get back to you with anything useful about the idea of using cut-down Boxxer bushings?

PS I know it looks like you picked the right forum, but you probably would have got more love for your topic in the Downhill forum - lots of 66 users in there, and it gets a lot more traffic.