Mavic Crosslines or Deetraks?


Aug 16, 2006
South Fla
I am looking to replace the Outlaws on my Glory. I like the engagement on the 2010 Mavic hubs and am trying to decide whether to go with the Crosslines or Deetraks. I like the weight savings of the Crosslines but they seem like they will be too light duty for DH. Anyone have experience with either?


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Nov 10, 2005
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He needs to know this so that he can then recommend a completely different wheel that you didn't ask about. Standard ridemonkey procedure. :thumb:
Wasn't going to recommend something else necessarily, but if improved engagement is all he's after, Mavic isn't necessarily where to look. I had the older model deetracks, and the engagement was pretty poor. Not enough to substantially differentiate them from a set of outlaws. Dunno about the new ones, which is why I asked.

The hubs use the ITS4. 4 pawl system.
How many degrees of engagement?

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Mar 21, 2009
I'm 240 and I've raced dh on my crosslines. It was a SMOOTH course for a dh course, but it was a dh race. I've also done lots of miles on them xc/am and they're still like new.

I bought the mavic protection stuff when I got the wheels so I don't worry about them, I just ride them however I want and if there's a problem I'm not worried.