May the Chessmaster rest in peace

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Nam I am
With all he to do about heath legder dying this one was missed.

I had just learned to play chess when He won the world championship in 72 and I remeber actually watching this on TV ( PBS ) And after Game 2 there were no TV's so the Moves were relayed. This actually had a Great affect on me , After that I wanted and did learn to Play Chess at a higher level. I may Not have made it too far ( and I am way out of pracitce ) But I still ove a Good game of Chess.


(CNN) -- Chess master Bobby Fischer, one of the greatest chess players in history, has died, a spokesman for the World Chess Federation confirmed to CNN Friday. He was 64.


Turbo Monkey
Oct 16, 2005
That guy very cool but eccentric. What does it mean when one of the smartest men in the world claims governments and even his chess organization is so corrupt that he moved to Ice Land??

Kasparov is pretty cool too. Bummer the majority of us aren't intelligent enough to appreciate them.