McCain golf kit reviews...


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Jul 20, 2002
Orange County, CA

I wonder how long it takes before someone notices this...I'm guessing it will be up until someone in DC wakes up and checks the tubes tomorrow morning.

A few of my favorites (they certainly aren't all gems), since I'm too lazy to bother to do a screen capture:

Reviewer: Jesus H. Crist from Lime jello cottage cheese background
Adequate replacements for the balls I was required to leave behind last time I visited Bob Jones University.

Reviewer: McCain Fan from Highbrow Street, United States
Whenever I get angry at how elitist the limousine liberals are, I have the chef make me some Cindy McCain Ahi Tuna with Napa Cabbage Slaw, then I take my John McCain golf gear out on the country club, where I can be with real, hardworking Americans. Also, white people.

Reviewer: George W. Bush from Washington, DC United States
Senator McCain, as much as you and I agree on just about every policy and decison that I have made, I'm gonna have to leave out on the farm on this one, buddy.

I've given up golf to honor the sacrifice of our boys and girls in the sand trap, and I think it is poor taste for you to dishonor them by selling golf gear.

Reviewer: Harris Winton from Hilton Head
This product is perfect. The balls play well, and often I think about how I could best show my support for the troops and our war on terrorism while enjoying an afternoon on the links. I know the folks at the club are going to want a set of their own!

And, saving the best for last:

Reviewer: john dominguez from new york, NY United States
I'm voting for the black guy.


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Sep 5, 2001
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Some of the names are pretty funny.......

Thank you John McCain I love you June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Jimmy Hoffa from Beverly Hills, CA
Thank you John McCain I love that you sell me golf gear so I can support you on the golf course. I hope that you and George W. Bush can get the whitehouse again in 2009. Bush deserves a 3rd term!

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I can't believe what John McCain is packing! June 11, 2008
Reviewer: Richard C. Mongler from Virginia Beach, VA United States
These balls are fantastic. I tell you, I've tried many balls, but these are by far the best. Entirely white, rolling John McCain's balls around in my hands is a pure pleasure. I can feel each individual dimple, and they're so adorable up close, the way I like to examine balls to ensure the highest quality.

The downside is that these golf balls almost feel like they've been painted over something that was once pasty white and older than one might think. If I press hard enough I think I can feel some scars, but then again it's never a good idea to press too hard on one's balls. Nevertheless, it might be why these balls tend to get stuck in quagmires or sand.

If you've got George W. Bush's golf pack, you'll probably like this one. Their balls look almost exactly alike when they're sitting right next to each other and they perform in the same fashion. I know I have my own personal balls that have always worked for me, but I think I could spend hours playing with John McCain's!


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
I like the "XXX Americans for McCain t-shirts". It seems as though women and hispanics can not be American though, at least not Americans for McCain.