Meet 5-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander on His Book Tour: As the Crow Flie

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    <p>5-time Ironman® and 70.3 world champion Craig “Crowie” Alexander is touring 10 U.S. cities beginning next week to talk about his journey to becoming Ironman world champion. Triathletes, cyclists, runners, and sports fans are invited to meet Crowie as he talks about his incredible career, sharing insider stories about races won and lost on Kona’s lava fields. Crowie will autograph copies of his new book As the Crow Flies. </p><p>
    Craig Alexander’s As the Crow Flies U.S. Book Tour</p><p>
    December 3: Oakley Headquarters, Foothill Ranch, California</br>December 4: Spokesman Bicycles, Santa Cruz, California</br>December 5: The Running Event, Austin, Texas</br>December 5: Tri-Sition Area, San Antonio, Texas</br>December 6; Newton Running Lab, Boulder, Colorado</br>December 7: All3Sports, Atlanta, Georgia</br>December 8: Princeton Sports, Columbia, Maryland</br>December 9: The W Hotel, downtown Boston</br>December 10: TYR with SBR and Jack Rabbit Sports, NYC, NY</br>December 11: CorePower, Chicago, Illinois</p><p>
    For times and locations, please visit CraigAlexander.net.</br>or via any of the tour stops Facebook/Twitter Feeds</p><p>
    “A never-before-seen glimpse of what it really takes to be world champion.”</br>Triathlete magazine</p><p>
    “An intimate look into how Alexander balances his training, traveling, racing and family life.”</br>Inside Triathlon magazine</p><p>
    “As the Crow Flies makes truth of the adage a picture says a thousand words.”</br>Chrissie Wellington, 4-time Ironman world champion and author of A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey</p><p>
    “Filled with riveting stories of commitment, setbacks, focus, and keeping it old school.”</br>Greg Welch, 5-time triathlon world champion</p><p>
    “In his book As the Crow Flies, Crowie has done something different…As the Crow Flies is a spectacular avenue in which he has chosen to share himself and his achievements.”</br>Paula Newby-Fraser, 8-time Ironman World Champion</p><p>
    “His incredible journey is captured in this brilliant book As the Crow Flies.”</br>Dave Scott, 6-time Ironman World Champion</p><p>
    For more information on this book tour or to schedule an event with Crowie, contact Human Interest Group at info@humaninterestgroup.org.</p>

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