Mendocino Guidebooks Availabe Once Again!

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    The 3rd printing of "Mountain Biking the Mendocino Coast and Beyond" Guidebook is now available!

    This is an invaluable tool if you are thinking of doing some of the best single track riding in Northern California. The Mendocino/Fort Bragg area has 100's of miles of single and double track trails and over 600 miles miles of logging roads if one is so inclined.

    Most of the riding is classic XC style with big climbs and fun screaming narrow single track downhills. (Note: This not for the downhill purist as there is no way to get lift assist or shuttles.) But, for those who love fast flowing downhills and don't shy from pain of the climb you will not be disappointed. Hey, how can you besmirch a reward for all the climbing if not availed a long downhill once in a while to cool off to?

    blur roonick.jpg

    If interested in a copy of the guidebook with 25 rides from beginner (3 rides), intermediate (6) and advanced to very advanced (19) you'll not be disappointed in the layout or accurate mileage. GPS devices often fail due to the tall Redwoods blocking signals. Bring a cyclometer as well to have accurate readings to locate trail intersections. The average ride in the book is between 15 and 20 miles with the longest (Big River to Caspar to The Woodlands-page 48) at 38.31 miles with 6,018' of elevation gain.

    Big River to Caspar and the Woodlands.jpg

    A book can be purchased in Mendocino: at Catch-A-Canoe & Bicycles Too!, Gallery Bookstore, Glendeven Inn and Brewery Gulch Inn. In Fort Bragg: at The Outdoor Store, Down Home Foods, Mendocino Bike Sprites, Visit Mendocino County Inc, Vinyl Café & Bookstore. In Winter, CA: Mike's Velo City. In Ukiah, CA at Dave's Bikes . If you want to purchase one directly from me send $20.00/which includes shipping through PayPal at:
    Please make sure you give shipping instructions.

    Come and enjoy getting out of the interior heat this summer and ride some cool stuff!
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