Mid-Atlantic Series Prizes???


Jul 12, 2005
Leesburg, VA
Received a GREAT looking plaque in the mail about a week ago.

Thanks to Mike and all the other great people who helped out with the '05' MAC series !!!:thumb:

Can't wait until the beginning of the '06' season.

Has anyone gotten any info on the venues planned for the '06' MAC Series ? :confused:
Hey man I'm gonna let you in on some things....

1. Chris Kovarik isn't getting paid either.

2. I know the shop I work at put up quite a bit of merch. for prizes, and everyone I talked to seemed pretty happy with what they got.
3. If it wasn't for Hartlove and the Racer's Edge crew there would be no Mid-Atlantic series last year.

Instead of asking questions in a public forum, why don't you just call Mike, or e-mail him?? He'll be happy to discuss any issues (good/bad) you have with the prizes.

Just a thought.....



Jul 29, 2003
Montgomery county MD
I just checked the results and found out I came in third in the series :thumb:

Not quite sure how that happened with my little Snowshoe mishap but I guess its just because most people didn't show up to all the races. did they give anything out for 3rd place? I really kind of stopped paying attention to standings after my knee broke