Middle Fork in the PI


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Jul 26, 2002
in a bear cave
Bullitrider said:
That would be sweet if they could pave it like the Burke-Gilman. ;)
i know, i think it's great that the Sierra Club spokesman they found really had no valid argument for bikes not being able to use the trail.

Really this is all just one battle for a larger war in my opinion. Now that we have the opportunity to ride there we can disprove all the lies and misinformation.

As well as show other trail users in the Seattle area that most mt. bikers have a firm understanding of trail ettiquette and break down misunderstanding.

When it all comes down to it i really think most people who hike have no idea how technically sound many riders are. They interpret us as a threat for they don't understand how we could ride off-road or on a trail. Much like horses it takes them a few times to see a mt. biker to get acclimated. Fear..... that has to be it for many. Others though it's just a stubborn selfishness disguised as whatever lame excuse...

i wonder if it's humanly possible to hike all the trails in Wilderness and Federal Forest Land considering ALL trails are open to hikers in Washington State. i know it would be impossible in a years time even if you went out every single day of the year. Finally we get them to share one in King County.