Mike Montgomery Is Back!

Oct 20, 2009
<p>Specialized is pleased to announce the rebirth of Mike Montgomery. After suffering from a shattered thumb, Mike Montgomery is finally back on the bike and ready to ride. Mike injured his thumb while filming an edit in Malibu and crashed on the landing shattering his thumb between his bars and a rock. Mike will be competing at AT’s Showdown next weekend in San Francisco, his first competition since his injury mid-season.</p><p>
After getting multiple surgeries and suffering from an infection, Mike got back on his bike and picked up right where he left off.</p><p>
“Being back on my bike feels like a huge weight is off my shoulders. I never knew how much I took riding for granted until this dumb injury. Riding feels fun again and I have a ton of new tricks in my head that need to be taken to dirt! During the injury I couldn’t really do anything because of the meds I was on for the staff infection. What I did do was watch all the events closely throughout the year picking runs apart and watching how certain tricks were judged to figure out how I could adapt my riding. I feel like a lot of riders were screwed in judging this year, and I know it will probably always be that way, so I figured it would be a good idea to watch and find out where I can gain points!” -Mike Montgomery</p><p>
Two weeks after his recovery, Mike sent a couple of short phone edits over to show us his progress and ended up landing some new tricks. He has been practicing at his local dirt jumps with his p3, and p.20. Mike will be competing at AT’s Showdown November 10th and 11th at the Cow Palace in Daly City, California. Tickets are being sold <a href="http://sfbikeexpo.com/?page_id=2934" target="_blank">here.</a></p>