MO cashiers check?

Zaskar Rider

May 29, 2002
I didn't know where I should put this thread but this seemed like the appropriate place for it. I'm in the process of maybe selling my frame and the guy wants to use either a MO or a cashiers check to pay for it. Should I be wary about this with all the scamming going on? Or are these forms of payment fairly legit?


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Sep 18, 2002
Toronto, Canada
I'd never accept a MO from anywhere but the US. I suppose if it was from a big bank or Wal Mart and I could go down there and confirm it's legit - I'd take it then.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 16, 2003
somewhere really ****ty
hhmm. atleast for me i dont see how they could be not safe. whenever i get checks or anything i always just get cash and i dont even have a bank account that they could take money out of or whatever if it turned out to be fake. and all the money orders and checks ive gotten dont have MY address on it so its not like that could even find me if they wanted to.


Mar 25, 2004
Wilmington, NC
If it were me, I'd tell them the MO or cashiers check has to clear first. Once I had the cash in my hand, then I'd send out the item.

I've discussed my scamming fears with buyers/sellers before and all have been cool about it. If any had not been, I would have bagged on them in a heartbeat.

good luck.

Zaskar Rider

May 29, 2002
Hmm, interesting. I did tell the guy that I wouldn't ship the frame until the payment clears. I havne't heard from him since but if he does reply I'll make sure that it's from a big bank of some sort. Thanks for the help guys!


Brevity R Us
Aug 16, 2001
Lynnwood, WA
I have bought via the classifieds and always shiped COD with a cashiers check (one from my bank)

I don't pay until I recieve the product and I can't get the product unless I have the check ready. It is a small delay for them.....but I thought it was fair.

I have never delt outside the US and I bank at Wells Fargo...so it normally isn't a problem.

binary visions

The voice of reason
Jun 13, 2002
U.S. Postal Service money orders are pretty safe - they'll give you cash on the spot.

A bank money order is no better than a personal check.

The other plus about USPS money orders is that if they screw you, you can get them with mail fraud charges...


Jul 30, 2004
Heart of Dixie..
i agree with everyone on the postal money order. when i sell something i only want paypal or postal money order. any other money order is just like a check, as someone else mentioned.


Sep 10, 2004
I just tried to sell my bike on MTBR. Had numerous offers that sounded too good to be true, but, it was my first time selling and I almost went through with the transaction. I read the warnings posted by members and I actualy screwed the scammer, since now I have his phony cashiers check, which was confirmed by my bank and framed it with his e-mails. Now it's on my LBS wall for all to see. PLus i'm repling to all the scamers, and there is ALOT, to keep collecting their phony checks ! Make them at least to pay for mailing them and get NOTHING !!

Pat Tellier

Sep 8, 2004
Montreal, QC, Canada
If you guys get offers from canadian buyers, the best way to go is with Canadian Postal Service money orders in US$. They issue money orders that are cashable at almost all american banks. I have personally transfered cash to my brother who was in California then Florida using this and he had no problems to cash the money order at Citibank and RoyalBank. I've also heard they accept these money orders at Well's Fargo and FirstUSA.

According to canadian postal service laws (similar to the USA), in case the money order is used in a criminal act or fraud, they will pay the money to the name on the money order without any questions asked. This is because we need to give cash to get the money order.

I hope this information will be useful to you guys.