Moab and area ridable in the winter?


Nov 5, 2001
in my tiny apartment

I've been to Moab once and it was in May. A friend and I are looking to get out west to ride the beginning of next year. I know the area gets snow, but I don't know if it's engough to make the trails unridable. So, any info would be greatly appreciated.



Jul 17, 2003
Golden, CO
Moab is rideable all year round. However, I would tell you to watch the weather closely within a month before you ride. Specifically, look at the precipitation history. The days are short, and you won't have a ton of time to hit long runs.... However, most of the rocky type trails will become dry very fast. I'be biked there in January, February and march.... All trails are pretty good in those months, but you'll be running a crap shoot with the weather.

Porcupine Rim is higher in elevation, it will be a pedal fest if it has moisture on the trail. The first 3 miles is in the shade, and can be well snowed under. Just be prepared.

Slickrock will be fine most of the time.
Amasa Back is mostly is in the sun, also usually in good shape.

Call the shops ahead of time, and simply ask. Hotel rates are super cheap at that time as well.