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My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
where the trails are
:wave: no kittehs here, I'm afraid.

Back from 5 days in Utah. Good lord the skiing is good and steep there. Spent most of a day chasing Marshal Olsen around Snowbird, who BTW and for what it's worth at no time should be followed (or attempted anyway) on skis. I'm gonna make a return visit over the summer months to sample some allegedly sick bike trails.

frequent sufferer of upper back pain
I've had regular back pain for years. My g/f recently figured out that I have a few dislocated ribs (syrsly wtf) which are the source of my discomfort. She's like "yea, those aren't supposed to be like this" and I'm like "tuck and roll baby, tuck and ROLL".


free wieners
Moar trimming and thinning on the property today, went through two stihl AP500 batteries, thats the equivalent of a gallon+ of saw mix in a power pruner, got a clear line now to shoot and set pins for the property lines with the transit and be able to start excavating. Will probably take 2 days with a medium excavator to clear, pile and burn all the veg on the lot.