Model Trains -- really Big Model trains


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A local Live steam club near by, had there yearly Open house/Meet this weekend . So my Wife and Son Wandered over there.

it is really fascinating to watch , they have 2 7 1/2 inch lines that are on the ground and a 5 1/4 / 4 / 3 1/2 line that is elevated

working over in the Pits , the Steam Engines really take a lot of work ( yes they run on Steam )

I loved this Alaska unit , This was electric.

A steam boy on the elevated line.

A Little Electric

The CP was a Beauty, was run by a Gasoline engine

a steamer

This one was amazing , I never saw it run But it was Gorgeous.

Coming into the Station

Another Gas Driven Engine

This Steam Engine is Huge!!! modeled from a narrow Gauge railway . it is just BIG !!

My Son found and enjoyed very much , the Hand car

another steam engine on the elevated portion.

this big boy is on the turntable getting ready to go home .

and of course I went for a ride or 2, Taken from the train

Going into the Tunnel

Steam Engine coming the other way. How can he see ?