Moffat back on the bike at Blackrock! (pics)


Jan 27, 2007
Hey guys,

This past weekend in Oregon, Moffat, Mo and myself hit up Blackrock for one of the few days of the year that you can shuttle there.. Blackrock shuttle days are pretty packed but with the multitude of trails and by having three 2.5 ton flatbed trucks, 140 riders were able to spread over the mountain so that it didn't feel over crowded. It was also Moffat's first day back on any freeride trails since he broke four metarsals, he didn't seem to hold back. Mo, as usual was killing it on the bike and shooting awesome photos.. Enjoy the pics.. they will only get better as Moffat, Mo and I start heading north to the land of the ferns.. Bo

Mo killing it!
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Apr 6, 2007
hey i'm in that third picture! or at least my arm and my helmet are. and that guy on the right side is duane aka deweydude.

i can't wait to ride the big bike again, but mercy i am still limping from saturday.