Monarch XX remote lockout banjo bolt


Jan 14, 2021
I recently acquired a Trek Top Fuel with a Monarch XX shock and XLoc Sprint remote lockout. Lockout is not working and the banjo bolt is loose at the shock. I can't figure out how to tighten the rebound nob assembly which seems to have something to do with how the banjo from the lockout is attached. I'm assuming the banjo loosened up at some point and the fluid escaped = no lockout. If I can tighten this assembly I can refill and bleed and hopefully that's that. ANy. clues?
Feb 13, 2002
Seattle, WA
Yeah the banjo-like fitting at the rebound knob at the shock should be loose in the sense that it rotates around the rebound knob assembly. Not spins freely, but it should rotate with not very much force. There's like a set screw on the shock body that goes into a groove in the rebound knob assembly -- that's what holds the rebound knob assembly in. The groove allows the rebound knob assembly to rotate but not slide out of the shock body. The banjo is just kinda held in between the knob and the shock body. It's not supposed to be _pinched_ in there, it's just prevented from sliding off. There are two o-rings that seal between the rebound knob assembly and the banjo fitting and I think another o ring that seals between the rebound knob assembly and the shock body. If you remove the rebound knob assembly, the banjo just slides off of it.

If you're sure you are leaking fluid from there, the fix would be to buy a rebuild kit and replace all the o-rings involved. You can't really "tighten" any of the parts involved, it's all o-rings holding the fluid in. It's also possible something isn't put together right so you should carefully study the exploded diagram of the parts involved to make sure it's put back together correctly. That's a pretty fiddly job, very few bike shops could even do it -- I'd have your local suspension expert do it if you're not up for a challenge.

It may be that the whole system just needs a bleed, have you tried just bleeding it? Yeah if the lockout works for a week after a bleed then stops working, that probably means there's a leak somewhere in the system.