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Trail Rat
Jul 8, 2002
Alamance County, NC
Good Morning!!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It couldn't have been any more beautiful here in NC. Pretty much we just spent the entire time outside doing stuff around the house and hanging out. I mowed the yard Saturday and drank many cold tops in the process. We had Justine's mom watch Colin for a few hours while we went to a birthday party for a friend. Sunday was much of the same.....chilled and enjoyed the beautiful temps. Justine went out with the girls in the afternoon, and Colin and I took a nap.

Busy day today......y'all take care!!

I Are Baboon

Run, Forrest, Run!
Aug 6, 2001
MTB New England
Good morning! BOOOO Monday! I think what I like most about weekends is being able to sleep late. This getting up at 5:00 AM stuff blows.

We had a busy weekend, start to finish. We had to deal with a leaking faucet in the bathtub that we were unable to fix, so we had to have a plumber come and install shutoff valves Saturday morning. Weekend rates = :dead: . At least it's not leaking now.

Went out for road rides both mornings despite crappy weather. Both days though the weather got nice in the afternoon. Figures. I've been getting a lot of road rides in, but I really need to get on some trails.

Wifey made mac and cheese last night.

Quo Fan

don't make me kick your ass
Morning monkeys!

I didn't know MBC could cook!

Had a nice weekend. Did a road ride on Saturday, and a spin session on Sunday. Started work on the pantry cabinets that BigT wants. Today I'm going to East Haven to monitor a quarry that the neighborhood hates. They got the quarry by hoodwinking the residents. They first asked for a quarry, and when that got turned down, they said they were going to build some high rise apartments. They then proceeded to quarry the land "for the foundations".


I give a shirt
Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh

my dad has been under the weather and my parents were having people over on Sat. so I went Friday night and cut their grass and in general cleaned up the yard.

Sat came and I did the family thing watching the girls in the morning while Bek went out then we headed over to my parents for their get together, and over to my Bro-In-Laws for a going away party for my Neice who is moving to Louisville... It is at this party that my weekend took a turn for the worse... Bek started to feel ill, and ended up getting the Bug that I had 2 weekends ago:bonk: which meant I had to bail on riding DH at Wisp on Sunday... I just hung out with the girls and watched the Pens win over the Rangers! :thumb:

have a good one all!

Mr Tiles

I'm a beer snob
Nov 10, 2003
L-town ya'll
mrn'g! great weather this weekend. built a wheel for my buddy - hadley hub, dt comp spokes, dt 5.1 hoop...very nice...


Jul 16, 2002
Glitter Gulch
Good Morning!

We got our kayaks this weekend!!!!!

Necky manitou sport (in green) The selling point was the cup holder.

Saturday was nasty and rainy. We took the bikes out scouting areas of the lake to put in and decided we'd rather try them out on the river first so yesterday we carried them down to the river and paddled downtown and back. It was fabulous. Pulled out at a restaurant not far from the house, had brunch and carried them home.

My ****ing shoulders are killing me today but I figure by the end of the summer I'll be so buff that carrying them around will be nothing.

It is supposed to be gorgeous here today so I am going to do some creative thinking and figure out how I can be out of the office and outside for most of the day. Sometimes I love my job.

Have a great Monday monkeys!


My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
behind you, don't wait up.
Good morning!

I had a great trail ride last Thursday, knowing that the rain was moving in for the weekend (again). Friday and Saturday were spent doing crappy busy work and cleaning up around the house. But yesterday was perfect, cool and not a cloud in the sky, and I got 66 mile road ride in.

Have a great day everybody! :banana:


Ride till you puke!
Dec 10, 2002
Burlington, Connecticut
Good Morning. Went for a 3.5 hour mtb ride on Saturday - trails were slick but it was a really fun ride!!! Yesterday I cleaned up my work area, did some laundry, went for a short road ride and mowed the lawn front and back. Grilled up some burgers for dinner and had a nice bottle of Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail Pale Ale with it! Tasty!


Nam I am
MOrning , talk about a sucky weather week end . Yuk

however still got lots done . Most importantly We had a Trail Day yesterday and got a lot of work done.

But last night around 2 am I found a Wood Tick on me starting to dig in. Unfortunatly he did not come off in one piece :( but I got most of it , and before it started to feed .


beer and bikes
Feb 6, 2003
Portland, OR
Morning peeps! Decent weekend dispite semi-crappy weather. Took my daughter to gymnastics Sat. morning and got some workout time in myself. Then she had a softball game that night. Their team got pummelled, but she had a good showing going 3 for 4 at bat and had a good play in the field. Yesterday we just hung out, shot some hoops and then went for a family bike ride to get ice cream. Mmmmm.... :drool: Another softball game tonight at 6 and then who knows. I also managed to get most of my gear packed for the trip to VA. on Thurs.. Can't wait to get on the bike bike again!! :thumb: I managed to get my car tinted on Friday as well. :cool:

Oh, and here's a comparison shot for those who were commenting on it's size...



unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

A hint to the makers of this movie...full frontal nudity of Mila Kunis would have been a better bet than the multiple wang shots of the lead male actor.

Barring the multiple cock shots, it was ok.


May 3, 2005
Walking the Earth
Morning all, had a good weekend. Did a 2 hour ride on Saturday that included almost 2000 feet of climbing over 7 miles; my legs are still feeling it. Yesterday was recovery and yard work day, who actually buys rose trees these days? I do I guess.

Today is supposed to be in the mid-70's; good day for a lunch time ride!


Turbo Monkey
Aug 10, 2005
Med. to Well-Done in Phx
Good morning,

Had a great weekend of riding. Went by myself Saturday morning, it's now light enough to hit the trail at 5:30, was back home by 8:00. Early enough to get all my running around and errands done at a decent time. Went with a large group yesterday, Desert Classic at South Mountain. Started from 46th St. so did some alternate climbs and made it all the way up to the helicopter pad. Lots of fun.

Have a good day.


Short One Marshmallow
Sep 7, 2006
French Alps
Hey all. As I'm a few hours ahead of most of you, my day is more late-afternoon now.

Took the dog for a run this morning with my newly-rebuilt singlespeed. Working great.

Then the dog and I went 'bush-bashing' up one of the hills here to scope out areas for track building. Didn't find much, but it was nice hiking out there in the forests.

Laura- nice Kayak! I love exploring by kayak. Enjoy!

Have a great day guys & girls.


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Morning all. Busy weekend for me began with a great MTB ride on Friday followed by burgers & beers. Saturday was a LUNA Event in Kingston and Sunday was catch-up on housework and LUNA Meeting. I also fully cleaned the Jekyll so I can make the delivery to it's new owner sometime this week...now I really need to order my new bike but I am still waiting on pricing information :wait:

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
Good almost afternoon. Got pummelled this weekend by the Plattekill course:


It kicked my butt, let me tell you. Woke up Sunday morning totally stiff. Took a ton of tumbles at practice and managed to bend my der cage, a couple of links, my back wheel, and ripped out a tooth or 2 on my lower pulley wheel! Weather was as expected: wet, rainy, foggy and in the mid 40's up top! Got a late start to the mtn. Sunday and missed practice, so I went in a bit cold on my race run and messed up in 2 spots, ending up 6th out of 8 in 40+ expert. Not bad, good barometerfor the year that will help me work on a few things.

Also, I have become immortalized at Plattekill: the go around for the 10 foot drop had a nicely made wooden sign that said "Jim M's Line". Classic! Even more classic was that I slipped on some roots and coudn't even make it to my go around! HAHA!

Leave for the Massanutten Yee Haw DH race Wednesday! 2 day workweek FTW!


unique white person
Sep 21, 2001
We had to deal with a leaking faucet in the bathtub that we were unable to fix, so we had to have a plumber come and install shutoff valves Saturday morning. Weekend rates = :dead: . At least it's not leaking now.
MBC couldn't fix it?

She's slipping.


Eastcoast Softcore
Staff member
Nov 7, 2001
behind the viewfinder
this weekend blew. weather was terrible. the kids' baseball got cancelled, after we stood in the rain for ~40 minutes. and the dumbass who ordered the jerseys (t-shirts) didn't realize that the Diamondbacks changed colors this year, so they have purple shirts w/ red hats.

wrote two reviews (Big Bipper, Steve Malkmus) and discovered i made a horrible error...turns out that i never downloaded one of my 2GB cards from the Dipper show to the PC, and i ended up formatting and shooting over it on wednesday, for the Urge Overkill show.


i ran some recovery software and salvaged a dozen shots, but lost about 90, all of which were when i was in close and concentrating; i moved back to enjoy the rest of the show, and didn't shoot that much more as the evening went on. it was their first show in about 16 years. :dead:

finished a few more of my shots from Mexico:

Good to know...I have soy & rice milk around and worried that the vanilla flavor would throw it off.

We don't keep milk in the house - only soy so I use that for pretty much everything. Vanilla is so mild that it fits with almost anything!

MBC couldn't fix it?

She's slipping.
It certainly wasn't for a lack of trying! I threw in the towel at 11:30 Friday night.


Turbo Monkey
Jul 10, 2001
Shut up and ride...
Massanutten is the first "race" of the season that usually gets a huge turnout.......I can't wait! :thumb:

Would have been nice to have had a Monkey banner....

Maybe my fat a$$ will still fit into my RM jersey...Maybe I should just change my name to Chunky Monkey.....



Jul 16, 2002
Glitter Gulch
Congrats! I'm glad y'all found something.

If you didn't get something soon, I was going to offer to sell you our boats.
Why are you getting rid of them?

We hit up REI's big boat sale last weekend. It was hard to stop buying at boats, they had so much **** on sale.


The human raccoon
Jan 31, 2003
Why are you getting rid of them?

We hit up REI's big boat sale last weekend. It was hard to stop buying at boats, they had so much **** on sale.
We are looking at teaching overseas (for the DoD or American Schools) when I finish my MA. If we get positions, then there will be a drastic sell-off of all of our stuff (house, cars, boats, pretty much everything). Plus, between my schedule and Jen's, we have no time this summer for a trip. Spring is the time to sell boats, so they are about to go on the block.