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Sep 8, 2009

On Saturday I relaxed and put new parts on the DH bike (new direct mount stem, new handlebars, new grips, and new rear brake pads). On Sunday the wifey and I went for a trail ride from our house to up along side the Seneca Park Zoo. That trail is pretty cool cause it runs right up along the elephant enclosure.

Jim Mac

May 21, 2004
the middle east of NY
Yo. Whipped up tired. Boys weekend: headed south to Kingston Point BMX track for an 'old dude' BMX reunion, where I was the only one to show. Also was the kid's 1st BMX race (and mine in 30 years as well). We had fun, and kiddo got faster all the way to his main, missing 3rd by a few feet. Had to race an age bracket up as he was the youngest one there. More importantly, he enjoyed himself despite not winning anything (he was hellbent on that initially). I got lumped in with all the other people with cruisers- some older dude with a #1 plate and 2 teenage girls who looked disgustingly at me. At least I beat one of the sour faced teens in the main! :rofl:

As my and kiddo's motos were back to back, my bro in law helped with the gate...Happy kid and tired bro/sis in law post race:

We stayed down with them that night - a bit deep woods in the Catskills. Was awoken by sick kid at 5:30 am Sunday.....Got a quick trail ride in and then headed back up with said sneezing factory kid in back seat. Can...barely...move...my...legs...today.


Harbinger of Doom
Oct 23, 2001

Concert went ok. Our double concerto could have been better, could have been worse. All in all a decent way to end my tenure with the group.

Thai afterwards was nice, and I'm pretty sure they undercharged my table. Score. Then the baby proceeded to wake up just once between 9 PM and 8 AM. Score x 2.

Full Trucker

Frikkin newb!!!
Feb 26, 2003
Morning, monkeys. Put down some miles over the weekend in preparation for the Kokopelli Trail Chellenge (hint hint maybe consider a donation?) including a 32 mile ride on dirt yesterday. A little sore after three straight days of riding, plus the 4 days in Mohab last weekend and a day of skiing in between. Gonna take a day off today, then back to riding tomorrow. Might try and ski Wednesday if it snows. And oh yeah, I'll probably work some in there as well...

Ah, spring in Colorado.


bicycle in airplane hangar
Feb 2, 2007
Riding the baggage carousel.

Ran 6.7 from the house round the east end of the lake towards Volcano Brewing. Whatever advantage I might have gained coming from a much higher elevation was totally lost to heat and humidity. I probably lost 5 lbs of water wieght to sweat. Going to spend the rest of the day on my ass recovering with water and beer.


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
Morning Monkeys.

Had a lovely weekend, enjoyed the sunshine and got to see some cool stuff. Have a long week, but should be another great weekend in the works. Let's kick this Monday in the nuts!