Monday supper on the fly

Oh, you got a rack of lamb and we have an eggplant? Fire up broiler. Dice the eggplant. Dice an onion. Dice a garlic clove. Chunk o' butter in an omelette pan on high heat. Put rack of lamb in broiler, fat side up, full heat. Butter melted. Add garlic and onion. Set table. Now we have onions, garlic and beurre noir. Add the eggplant, flip everything to mix. Add some Basil, keep stuff moving. Damn, don't that broiler smoke. Eggplant's close to done. Hmm. Splash of white wine, lower heat. Check the lamb, wants a little more broiling. Grate some cheddar over eggplant, turn off burner and cover. Kill the broiler, divide rack in two, on plates. Dish out the eggplant. Plates on table, super served. Planning time: zero. Execution time: Half an hour. Result: excellent!