Monkey Birthdays! (narlus, JeremyR, Total Heckler)

Total Heckler

Beer and Bike Enthusiast
Apr 28, 2005
Santa Cruz, CA
Thanks everyone. =]

I took the day off work so I could ride all day. I'm actually just about to leave. Should be a awesome day out in Santa Cruz.

Thanks again!

Jeremy R

Nov 15, 2001
behind you with a snap pop
JeremyR fully expect to hear about the chilicheese aplenty.
No way dude.
I gotta race Clemson on Saturday.
I would look like a poo comet coming down the course.

My B-day started off good for sure.
I started bitching this morning about having to go to the hwy. dept.
today to renew my drivers license.
I was not too up on the idea of standing in line all day with the same people who snarf down funnel cakes at the county fair.
Then my wife told me that I could renew it online.
5 minutes later it was done.
All pantsless.

Thx for the birfday wishes.


Expert on blowing
Feb 12, 2003
i did
don't want anyone calling me an emo.
it makes me cry.

lather. rinse. repeat.