Monkeys and Lummoxs at Rosaryville


The Real Dr. Science
Jul 12, 2004
Sleepy Hollar
Non taken ,just wanted to show the trail and my newbie filming skills. Hope to have more exciting video in the future, how about some hints or show us some of your exciting sample video, so I can get idea's.
Well, it seems most computers have some rudimentary video editing software these days. Seems like you might start by cutting out the part where you stopped to pant midway up the first climb after the bridge. :)

Maybe a better idea would be to splice together some highlights rather than post up raw footage. Show some of the more exciting parts of the trail like the swoopy, twisty downhills. (Right where the video cut out was the top of one of the downhill sections if I recall the trail correctly, that would have been a good place to start rolling). Maybe follow another rider to give a little perspective and a sense of speed.


May 3, 2004
Thank you and I do have some of those section I just used one clip of the video,but you are right in to splice sections together.I will try and do better next time.