More stopping power?


Jan 22, 2008
San Diago
ok, so i asked the guys at the shop about this, and im still a little confused, so maybe all of you guys could help.

I got a new lever/main resevoir from hayes for my HFX-MAG. snapped the other one offf at the perch. so i attached it to the hose, bled it, and put it on the bike. Problem is, I have to use about 3/4 of the lever stroke before the pads contact the rotor. the pads are fine. they arent super worn down. so, i was wondering, how can i make it so the pads start to contact the rotor sooner? the guys at the shop said take the caliper off and pump the lever. but that just doesnt seem right. I thought you werent supposed to brake without a rotor in between the pads. Sorry for the long post, but thanks for the help.


Dec 30, 2007
bay area
the only reason to not pull the brake in when the rotor isnt between the pads is because it will make your pads closer. so if you dont have it set up just how u like em, take the caliper off and only pull the brake a tiny bit. till u can see the pads get closer. that will make the lever not pull in as far


Jun 22, 2005
Doubt it, you'll probably end up with the pads rubbing. Try using the reach adjustment screw on the lever body. It's the 2.5mm screw between the lever blade and the handlebar. I've found that screw tends to unwind it's self through use. You can get the lever to feel way better with that screw.