More trail vids


Jul 11, 2006
Cloudland Georgia
Decided to see how the snow pack was in the higher elevations. Went to the Boshin Trail near the top of the Kirifuri Highlands. Its 5 km (3.2mi) with a starting elevation of 1381m (4557ft) and an end elevation of 860m (2838ft) for a total descent of 521m (1719ft). It has some steep sections, but mostly flowing single track, with a couple climbs to keep you working. And snow there was...

Unfortunately when the slope went from steep to mellow it turned into bike portage. Once I got low enough the trail improved.

After you exit, you cross the road and have a really short hike up to the next ridge.

After that there is some pavement and logging roads that weren't worth videoing. At the end you connect it to Cheap Thrills (the trail I rode on new years). We have had some good weather in the lower elevations so no more snow made this the highlight of the day. Our hunters need more practice though...

Cheap Thrills gets its name from having a micro brewery at the exit and hot springs near the trail entrance, making it a nice night ride.

Snow had me frustrated so I decided to check out my current nemesis, the Screaming Chicken. It is the highest mountain in the lowlands south of the Kirifuri Highlands. High point is around 960m (3168ft) down to 460m (1518ft) total vertical around 500m (1650ft). Hands down it is one of our most technical trails. The camera isn't shaking because its loose, the trail is roots roots and more roots:eek: . One of these days....

Get out and ride!:thumb: