Morewood Makulu test ride at Whiteface or Mount Creek


Aug 10, 2012
I currently have a Morewood Ndiza built up as my downhill machine. Awesome bike! Looking to get full 8" dh bike for next season and seriously looking at the Makulu--keeping the playfulness but adding extra travel. Would love to test ride a small or a medium. I am 110lbs so i won't thrash your bike.
Will be at Whiteface this week, wed-thu the 15th-16th.
Platekill is my home mountain so Sundays i am usually there.
Mt. Creek thursday the 23rd.


Oct 22, 2011
the Makulu is a real beast

very natural, neutral feel

for a long slack DH race bike, I find it's very playful and I'm on the ogre side of things. no worries boosting or popping off stuff. feels very agile and responsive, definitely not a "dead" bike to ride, very active and lively

bomb-proof, too

one tip - I have mine set up stiffer then the 40% sag point. it made a huge difference to the ride. try it, if you get chance. hope you get a hookup to get time on one

you ride, you enjoy. winning