Morpheus Skyla Stole at the Sea Otter Classic

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Mar 8, 2009

Unfortunately a perfect day went bad fast back in California. Our Skyla Prototype was stolen at The Sea Otter Classic. We could bear the expense of losing the bike if that was the entirety of the situation. This is the test and race bike of our pro rider Alejandro Ortiz. We need to get his bike back immediately as his race season could be impacted significantly without a Slalom bike. It is a one off prototype that is not replaceable and would take weeks if not a month to create one similar. We are offering $1,000 to the person leading the recovery of this important bike. No one needs to get in trouble we just want the bike back no questions asked. Please contact Michael Schwartz from Morpheus with information at 516-467-6954 or email us at morpheusbikes@gmail.com / alejandro@morpheususa.com

Here is a description of the bikes as well as the parts kit:

Gold Main Frame
Polished Rocker Arms
Blue Rear Triangle
X-Fusion Vengeance Fork and O2 POV Both Black
Formula The One Brakes Black/Gold
Gravity Light Wheelset Gray, Handle Bars Black, Stem Black, Cranks black, and pedals.
SRAM X9 shifter and deraillure
Geax Neuron tires
ODI grips
WTB Devo seat

More pictures of the bike here:



Feb 11, 2009
Santa Cruz
Damn, that sucks. Good luck finding it.

Out of curiousity, I spotted your guys' booth at Sea Otter and immediately thought of Versus bikes. I heard something that some people involved with Versus made Morpheus, is that true?


Mar 8, 2009
Yes, the head engineer from Versus is now working with Morpheus, with new and better designs with more pro riders feedback than before. The hard trail (Morpheus Chaos) is 90% similar to the Versus Jab but not quite the same, there are some geometry changes. and Morpheus is working with more high end materials while keeping a focus on weight savings.