Mount Baldy opens micro-gravity park June 2012: "Gulch Track"


May 8, 2003
Simi Valley, CA
Got an email about it this morning, apparently the fine folks at Baldy & some volunteers built some berms and ladders down the "Gulch" between the Notch and the bottom of lift #2. They're running bikes on lift #2 from 12-3:30 this Saturday & Sunday, the email has a link to $18 lift tickets.

Not much info on the site yet:

Yeah it can't be more than 150 vertical feet (and they should really be building the terrain under lift #4), but it's a start. Anyone have any more details about this?

Great to finally see some progress, hopefully they get a good turnout and lots of feedback!

EDIT: Just found some info at MTBR: http://forums.mtbr.com/general-discussion/hey-socal-riders-mt-baldy-opening-up-mtb-weekend-793893.html
And a report with photos: http://forums.mtbr.com/9395158-post8.html
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