Mountain Biking coming to GA high schools

Does your state or local school have a high school cycling team

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Oct 26, 2012
High School Cycling League Coming to GA
Info here

I didn't see a thread already on this, but just trying to spread the word and bring something into this forum. They are looking for interested coaches or students who want to form club teams at their schools, with racing expected to begin in 2014.Also, they are trying to go around showing the movie Singletrack High: Singletrack High Teaser on Vimeo, so if you have a place they could screen it to draw interest, contact Eddie O'dea through this thread or the GHSCL page Georgia High School Cycling League

This will be great. I really wish I had been able to ride for my school, instead of being forced into traditional team sports to satisfy "extracurricular" activities. I saw they also said races just started for a similar league in Tennessee. Has anybody been to or been involved? How did it go?
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