Mountain biking in Finale Ligure, Italy


Apr 22, 2014
I am currently staying in Finale Ligure for a month and a half for riding and just wanted to share my experience so far for anyone that may be interested. The biking is fantastic with an abundance of trails ranging from beginner to expert. I have only been riding more all mountain trails so far but there are many shuttle companies in town that access a huge network of downhill/freeride trails that I am hoping to experience before I leave. I love the fact that the Mediterranean is my backdrop for the riding, very cool and picturesque. The views are spectacular on a sunny day. The town is bustling with bikers from all over Europe, with numerous pizzerias, cafés and markets. I love the fact that there are restaurants or cafés everywhere so you can ride for an hour and think that you are in the middle of nowhere but then stop for a coffee or bite to eat at a restaurant that pops up out of nowhere. This seems to be the style here, ride hard but then relax for a snack or drink then ride again, quite enjoyable. I am staying at a place called The Mountain Bike Lodge which is located 10km up the valley from Finale and is a beautiful small Eco-lodge tucked away on a quiet hillside above town. It is an experience in itself, as the whole lodge is energy efficient. It is a wonderful spot to rest your head after a day of riding and somewhere that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a bit of a unique biking experience. It isn't for everyone as it does involve a little work (ie keeping the wood stove going which heats the house and hot water for showers) but it is the highlight of my trip so far. I love it. The owner, Mike, is super friendly and speaks great English. He grew up in Finale and is an avid biker himself, so is a great guide to spend a day riding with. I don't want to bore anyone with too many details as you can find biking videos on YouTube to see the sort of trails in Finale. More than anything I wanted to share the lodge with you as that it is truly a one of a kind experience and something that I am sure there are many bikers out there that would love to experience. If you are interested, the website is mountainbikelodge.com, hopefully someone can truly appreciate the simplicity that this lodge has to offer as I can't speak highly enough about the lodge and owner, Mike.