Mountain Biking in Iceland?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by itrytofly, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Aug 18, 2011
    Hoping to get pointers from anyone who lives in Iceland or who has traveled their to mountain bike. I am going in August and hope to spend 2-3 days mountain biking. I have a couple of questions and any help is greatly appreciated!

    Is there any lift access or shuttle assisted downhill mountain biking?
    Are there any places where I can rent a mountain bike or should I bring one?
    Are there any particularly good trails you would reccomend? As far as I have been able to tell, there is not really any trails and instead you just kinda get a bike and ride around.

    As you may be able to tell, I am kinda utterly hopeless here and I dont know Icelandic so my web searches have been less than helpful. Anything you can offer is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Jan 4, 2013
    i͓̽t͓̽ i͓̽s͓̽ fu͓̽l͓̽l͓̽ o͓̽f s͓̽t͓̽a͓̽r͓̽s͓̽
    I have never been to Iceland but I can offer my 2c:
    * bring fireproof tires
    * bring studded tires

    Have you looked at tours like this? https://icebikeadventures.com/
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    Aug 24, 2004
    In the cleavage of the Tetons
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    Jul 6, 2019
    Ive been to Iceland but not to ride. Im heading back in september for a bikepacking trip. Your right that there is not much out there on line about trails. I think part of this is the fact that Iceland relies on tourism heavily. You definitely dont want to get a bike and just ride around. Icelanders are very particular about staying on trails and roads since the soil and plant life is so fragile there. As stated above you can do guided rides with Icebikeadventures.com and Icelandbikefarm.is also there are bike rentals available from shops in Reykjavik. Im sure shops would be good intel for trails as well. Some trails are listed on Trailforks.com and the big gem is on Mtbproject.com https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/7000685/laugavegur-route-imba-epic ive hiked part of this route its amazing and I will be riding it in September. Trail forks has some trails around Reykjavik listed as well as a nice network of trails up north in Akureyri. Prices in Iceland are very expensive so dont be surprised if its cheaper to fly your own bike rather than rent.
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