Mountain Biking On Tv This Week

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Oct 18, 2002
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September 21, 2005
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Gene Hamilton
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Gene Hamilton of BetterRide has worked with the Science Channel to produce a feature on mountain biking. Shot on the trails at the Klebold ranch in western Colorado the show has exciting downhill footage and some great riding tips. This is must see TV for mountain bikers featuring professional downhill racer and coach Gene Hamilton, 5th place Red Bull Rampage finisher Lance Canfield, Chris Canfield, Mason Klebold and Ryan Cranston.

The Mountain Biking feature will air during the program Discoveries This Week, Episode 316 on The Science Channel this Friday September 23rd and Sunday September 25th.

When: September 23rd and 25th, 8:00pm and 11:00 pm EST.
Where: The Science Channel
Who: Mountain bike racers, riders and fans
Information: http://www.betterride.net (970) 261-1869

About BetterRide: Gene Hamilton founded BetterRide in 1998 to provide structured, professional mtb skills coaching to cyclists of all ages and skill levels.
Gene is a licensed USA Cycling Expert Coach and has over 16 years of coaching experience including 11 years teaching mountain biking. Entering his 11th season as a pro downhill racer his career highlights include winning a Silver (2002) and a Bronze Medal (1999) at the UCI World Masters Championships.


Jan 14, 2005
Floating down the Hudson
N8, man, did you ACTUALLY watch this??? I'm now attempting to unjab the fork from my eye. I could fart and learn more about mountain biking. Thank you, Science Channel. And who is that geek-bag who hosts the show?!? He's trying way too hard to be Bill Nye and it ain't working!