Moving parked motorcycles?


Dec 11, 2019
Hi! I park my motorcycle and vehicle in the same Standard parking spot at my apartment complex to avoid looking like a jerk by taking two spaces. I am actually already taking the precaution of moving my motorcycle to the middle of the spot when I leave to keep anyone from accidentally hitting it. You will not believe it but someone in my apartment complex decided TWICE that moving my Motorcycle to park is acceptable. The second offense was the worst, they dragged it to a no parking zone out of sight so I initially thought it had been stolen. I have taken pictures and emailed to the office and no one seems to be able to help me. Is there anything you guys recommended? Maybe a motion sensor alarm? I’m at a loss! It’s important to note that we have to pay $50 per spot here. It’s not just a random spot I’m hogging. It’s not a matter of it being close to the entry either. Let me know!! Thanks!


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Jan 14, 2002
I have a bicycle alarm from amazon on my commuting bikes, it’s pretty loud and easily activated. I have a tracker as well from boomerang, but unfortunately they are in between cell companies and should hopefully be starting up again in a month or so. The tracker sends a text message when someone messes with your bike and works well (when working). I think there are some other trackers out there.

I messed with Greg at our holiday get together a few weeks ago with my bike alarm, I kept setting it off and he kept going to check the shop alarms and couldn’t figure it out. It will definitely get attention.


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Nov 22, 2002


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Jan 20, 2009
Uh. 12 volts ain't gonna do shit. You will want a high voltage output buck boost converter charging a big ass capacitor.

I get shocked off 24V, as a mechanic that isn't ideal, a quick zap is entertaining, a drawn out one sucks!