Moving to Highlands Ranch

DS Dom

Nov 14, 2001
Denver, Co
Hey guys, I'm going to be moving out to Highlands Ranch area for work in February. I'll be there from the first week in Feb to the last week in May. Now I've been riding in Colorado plenty of times but it was always during the summer on road trips where we would ride Keystone, Winterpark, Vail, Lake Arbor, Gunbarrel, The Fix, etc...

So heres my question, I'm not sure exactly which bikes I should bring with me for the time I'm going to be there. I'm already bringing my motocross bike (yz 250f) so I don't know if I'll have room for everything.

Heres my choices:

Giant TCR Road Bike (Probably bring regardless for indoor training)
Evil DOC setup for park/dj/street
Giant Trance setup for XC
Sunday Factory setup for full DH

I was planning on probably brining everything except the Sunday because I figured there probably wouldn't be much DH time.

So guys, what do you think I should bring? And what are some good riding spots for the time I'll be out there. Thanks guys


Sep 28, 2001
You're probably spot on bringing everything except the sunday (much as it pains me to say it). There isn't a ton of DH on the front range to begin with, an the resorts won't be open until at least mid june. For riding, there are a few tracks in the area(moto), for XC you can ride white ranch in Golden, there're lots of trails in Colo. Springs, though I've never ridden there so can't help you there. And you mention all my favorite dirt jump spots. Hope this helps.

Dangerous E

May 24, 2006
Coorstown, CO
Yeah, hate to say it but the DH rig will probably just collect dust if you're only here till May. Definitely bring the xc and road bikes though. Shoot me a p.m. if you want and I can show you some of the trails up here in Golden.


Dec 5, 2004
I just moved to Highlands Ranch from Seattle and have no idea where to ride. How's the resort riding around here? I'm used to Whistler and the shore, so my expectations are low.
Sol Vista and Keystone are good but no whistler...They are definitely growing and expanding but nothing yet compares to Whistler for diversity of trails and number of trails and elevation. I think that both Keystone and Sol Vista are doing awesome with their growth so hit them up come summer. Try and get to AngelFire, Telluride, and Snowmass too.


Turbo Monkey
May 26, 2004
Hey Dom,

My name is Phil and I dont know if you remember but we diced it out for the expert 19-24 overall dh title in 04, which you won, and we raced a few times on the east coast in 05. The thing to do around here right now is dirt jumps, although most spots are in a sorry state right now, and trail and moto. If the weather holds out we will be riding moto next weekend, possibly at Aztec which is down in Co springs, but not too bad of a drive from where you are. Pm me if youre interested and I'll let you know where we'll be.