Moving to Monterey (X-Post from Lounge)


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Sep 11, 2001
Danbury, CT
Sorry for the cross-post, but figured this would be a good place for this too...

So it looks like I'll be relocating to the Monterey, CA area in the VERY near future. Couple of questions:
1. Housing. Anyone know any leads on any not super-expensive apartments in the area? Or maybe someone looking for a mellow, low-key, bike industry roommate with 2 indoor cats? Just need my own bathroom, and room for 5-8 bikes...Is there an area to stay away from, or a super-cool part of town? I'd like to be close enough to commute by bike, I really don't want to have to drive to work, so within about 10 miles or so.
2. Bars. I've only been up there for Sea Otter, and obviously had other things going on, but what is the social scene like up there? I had a really great, mellow, cozy local bar in Santa Barbara, looking for something similar.
3. Riding. Yeah, I already know it's a ton better than where I'm at, so no real questions here...
4. Riding buddys. Anyone is welcome to offer to show this newbie some good trails/road rides...I've been off of the bike for a little while, knee injury and some other factors, but I intend to return with a vengence.

Any suggestions are welcome!




Feb 8, 2005
Monterey, CA
Welcome to the Peninsula. I have been here since 96, there really isn't any bad place to live here in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, just stay away from Salinas. Your only trouble finding an apartment will be the cats. Most places won't take them. As far as a night life social scene you don't have a lot of choices, just pretty much downtown Monterey and Cannery Row. It is pretty quiet unless there is an event such as races, golf tournement, or the otter going on. Where are you going to be working? Don't know about any bike industry except for Fox and Santa Cruz Bikes. There are some pretty fun trails out in Fort Ord ( the back side of the Otter course) and some poachable trails in Pebble Beach. Give me a shout when you get settled and we can hit the trails if you would like.
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welcome. i've been here since i was born, '88. if you love the beach also, there is a huge apartment complex called Pajaro Dunes. Its soo cool. its a 2br/2 bath, kitchenette, with huge space. dunno how much, but its worth it.

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Jun 17, 2004
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The Bulldog is a fun pub, darts etc, along with the Mucky Duck on Avacado Ave.and vivas is fun. All the other clubs bring in gangstras and their drama so use your discretion. Rides are a plenty and Santa Cruz is 40 min away. Hit up Micah at Jocelyns if you want to mett one of the best riders in the world. Some of the best food in the world here so eat up and often. Enjoi the area, it's great and full of great people, that was my favorite thing about Monterey-the folks. Oh, and watch out for Weaver...:)