MRP Stage damper bleed / full service?


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Anyone got any experience with %SUBJ%? I asked MRP about 200hrs service instructions for Stage but they sent me instructions for 200mm Groove which cannot be any more different (dual crown, upside down, IFP instead of a bladder, but with a piggyback). All I've found is this video which looks legit. Of course, it showcases $50 proprietary tools... :twitch:

Since bladder and not IFP, can I replace oil just by pouring old out and refilling with new through the top opening?

I've been expecting a bit better documentation of their service steps. :banghead:


Oct 21, 2017
Hi there.

I am experiencing the same issue's you had with mrp. Could you please forward me the informations you recieved?


Compensating for something
Now some more Ribbon info. The Ribbon damper can be bled with the same tools as the Stage, but there are minor differences. 1. the top cap is removed with a cassette locking nut - that is a nice change. 2. Unlike the Stage, the top cap has a bleed port with a tiny screw & o-ring that has to be removed before you install the bleed cup & valve tool. It took me a while to figure out why the heck my bleeding attempts weren't bleeding the damper. Side note: just like the Stage, when you remove the damper top cap with shimz, friction also unthreads the damper tube a bit. Thread it all in with a 4mm allen key engaging the holes in the tube, then back off 3/4 of a rotation.


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Jan 14, 2002
1. the top cap is removed with a cassette locking nut - that is a nice change.
I remember the first marzocchi I had with that feature. I thought "finally, about damn time someone uses some existing stuff rather than a crazy 32mm socket or whatever".