Mt Pisgah ( Mass) Ride Pics


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Now first of all why they call it mt Pisgah , I don't know it is no Mountain , it is a pretty good hill , you can see the city of Boston from 35 miles out , but still it is not a Mountain

But we had herd that about 3 miles of new single track had been cut. and it was all designed and cut ( with approval ) by a Mt Biker.
WOW , those new trails are great!

But first it was Berkshire_riders's first time there , and we parked on lyman st. so we climbed , and climbed , and climbed and got to the Awesome views that you get from the 2 peaks.

what was interesting , is shortly after we got into the woods off of lyman street. we could see about 100 yards off of the trail were a couple of tents set up. looked like some one set up camp.

anyway we did hte peaks , then did the steep down off of the 2nd one , and Started looking for the new trails , they were not hard to find . and they were awesome !!!
there were maps at the major intersections , with you are here. and everthing was well marked and Fun! just a great Piece of work

Here is Berkshire_rider doing a step up on the vernal Pool trail

this an interesting little rock on the south ridge loop

Berkshire rider going over said rock

we ran into 3 hikers who were hiking up the rocky section of the south gorge trail. we waited for them , although they said they said we spoiled there fun, they wanted to see the carnage of us riding down that ! niether one of us crashed but wow it was tricky, too bad the pic didn't come out . But overall they were impressed with the trails too.

and fianlly Steve on a spine that is on the howard brook trail



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Feb 17, 2002
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:thumb: F'n Mass riding is so good! I wish I was able to come back soon. Prolly won't be there til' spring. Time to hunker down for the coming winter.


Dec 6, 2004
Haha sweet. Well seeing that I am 17, it might be hard to get up there now. But maybe I will see if my parents want to go to Cape Cod or something. Haha.