MTB in Pisgah in Winter?

Jan 12, 2009
So, we can all agree that the DH trails in Pisgah are amazing.

Yet, during the fall and spring I'm busy with school, sports etc.

So does anyone know what trails are rideable during the winter months?

Particularly around late december?

I heard that the shuttle roads close when it snows alot, but wanted to hear some mre responses.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

Also, anyone know where I can find a map of all the mtb/dh trails in Pisgah?

Ive seen a national geographic map, but not sure where to get it!

steve owens

May 22, 2008
It depends on the weather. I live in Hendersonville and ride all year long. A little snow raises the technical a bit. There are several guide books for the pisgah area. The pisgah ranger station sells the NGM, but you should be able to buy it online as well. Shuttles in the winter are hard because alot of the roads will close with bad weather. Winter is a good time to pedal in pisgah.


Jul 9, 2008
Asheville NC
[QUOTE Also, anyone know where I can find a map of all the mtb/dh trails in Pisgah?

you have to remember, pisgah is a big place, and from the talks we've had on pinkbike, i think you are refering to the morganton/ old fort area of the forrest?
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Rump Junkie
May 18, 2003
actually there are more trails open to bikes in the winter than any other time. a lot of the best trails are hiker only during peak months and open to bikes in october. Winter is always when i spent the most time in pisgah. The National Geographic map is a pretty good one but getting together with some locals is the best way to learn pisgah.