My Baaaad!


Nov 14, 2007
Maryland, east coast.
Sorry if I offended anyone last week for putting up a pic of a really hot brunette at a bikini contest in a skimpy next to nothing yellow bathing suit. Uhh, I guess that classifies as nudity here because I got the "You've been banned for posting nudity," thing for a few days. I was unaware skimpy bikini's were off limits here so, no offense to all that got a glimps of the shot and my apologies to the guys running the show. I didn't know it classified as nudity cuz I figured, no ''nips,'' ''tilapia'' or ''butts'' were visible and I didn't think it would be taken as such. So SOOOOOORRRrrrryyyyy! Won't happen again. (blushing):poster_oops:


Plastic Santa
Jan 6, 2005
Sorry no pics. That's what got me banned for a week in the first place anyway. I could pm you the link though if that would be okay with the mods. I'd post the link but I don't want to get banned again. It's no worse than NOPI chic barely there bikini's. You ain't missing nothing.
I think you've just been oppressed. Send a PM to him, explaining the situation and he'll credit the days missed to you and maybe give you some awesome rep! Cool!