My Fox 36 Fork Sounds like Crap


Cake Tease
May 29, 2011
So lately my Fox 36 Van 160mm has been making a lot of clunking noise when it is moving in the travel. It never used to do this and sounds like the spring might be loose? I have the preload knob screw in a couple of turns and everything on the fork feels solid, all the bolts, caps; everything is tight and there is no play in it.

It sounds (and feels) almost exactly like how my Fox 40 did, with its long spring slapping away inside of the fork.

Should I be concerned or is this normal? The fork is a 2008/2009, I think.


Mar 12, 2003
N. Tonawanda, NY

I have a 2006 Van36 that used to do this. There is a piece of shrink tube around the spring that must keep the spring from scratching up the insides. Mine used to slide to the bottom (or top) and once that happened it would make strange noises upon compression. Take the spring out of the left leg and hold the shrink tube piece and rotate the spring to return the shrink tube back to the middle, reinstall, and the fork would be quiet for a time. That's my cool story.