My friend vanished off a cruise - please help!

Jan 7, 2004
D.C. area
BigMike's thread about Tylor Behl being missing from his college reminded me that Ridemonkey might be a good place for me to mention my missing friend.

A friend of mine from college disappeared off a cruise ship in the Caribbean in 1998. Her name is Amy Lynn Bradley. She was on the cruise with her family. They had to return home without her. Imagine stepping off the ship after a cruise knowing your daughter is missing!

You may have seen her on "America's Most Wanted," "Unsolved Mysteries," and on the cover of People Magazine.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for her, as she's the first person I ever had the guts to ask out. :heart:

Please view this link for more links about her. Maybe you've seen her? Maybe a friend has seen her?