My new video

May 12, 2005
roanoke va
you don't need to drive 2-4 hours that spot has so much potential. put some kickers on top and 7 feet back from any of those drops to trany for steep-down action. dig out a launch for a hip jump on a hill. i saw some massave lines there just waiting to be made. just look at it a diffrent way. go down to a decent park and watch some good bmxers and their lines for insperation.


Sep 21, 2004
Green Bay
The thing is with that area, is that there are so many beginners and vandals that just want to tear it down right away. We did talk about building a nice kicker about 8 to 10 feet away but it would just block the trails that lead down to the step up out of camera view.

BUT: We did find a potential road gap. A nice one too. About 15 to 20 feet down and 20 feet out. Its set back in the woods where hardely anyone has ever been so sometime this week we are going to spend the day out there with a weekwacker and a bunch of wood.


Turbo Monkey
Aug 27, 2005
nice video you should make a jump and stry t oclear that road it lookes like it would be a nice gap