My SXSW trip to Austin


Turbo Monkey
Mar 19, 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark
Saw this beast of a car in Austin. Every little detail was so well done. The owner was cool too. It also came with a build in pussy magnet Borat would have liked it.

The inside with leopard interior of course

This guy was pretty bad ass too

Then we ran into this guy. Leather helmet, OG goggles, scarf and his chain saw engine motor cycle. We invited him to join us for dinner and he had tons of fun stories. When we talked about North and South Korea and he started to look a little confused we asked if he knew what we were talking about and he that he had seen Mash :rofl:

East Austin Japanese pancake food truck

It got nice and sunny. Pic from the convention center

Euro trash Frenches has a new record on the way

Me posing on 6th Street. The main bar strip. HDR photo if anybody care.

It was a crazy week with so much fun. Besides the conference there are none stop parties with free beer and booze. If you do not have a good time when you are in Austin you will never have a good time.