My thursday night rides are back!


Nam I am
yes it h me beaing able to ride again , I can do my thursday night rides from my haouse again . Tonight between Family obligations and chicks only Ben-o was able to make it.

But we went out and hada good ride . we werent in very long when we ran into Joe's group and Dane . so we rode with them for a bit.

Here is Ben-o In a rock garden

Cute Blond in same rock garden

Dane getting some air and showing some style . He makes it all look so easy.

at this point we parted company with them , because it light was going away and they did not have lights , we did !

so Here is Ben on a roller.

Then we came to the Jump line , I set up to take the picture ,ben hits it perfect , but I screwed up the picture so he did it again.

the result

he tried it again with the same result crash! he got a little dirty from rolling around on the dusty ground.

Yup its dark now , can always Find Ben with the Dual Hids!

and we were going down this tral and the weeds made it very narrow, and I knew there was a hole some where around here , i found it it up ended me , and here I sit in a Pricker bush!!! Very uncomforable and not fun getting out of it . Plus I broke he LCD screen on the camera, Oh well knew it was goign to happen eventually , as long as it keeps taking pictures !!

and fianlly Ben going over a rock

We had a good time , and a fun ride.