N.C. Monkeys, Malicious Castration is an actual on the books crime in your state?


Turbo Monkey
May 11, 2002
suburban hell
Two charged in cutting off man's ears waive hearing

DANBURY - A Stokes County man and a woman who were charged in August in an attack in which a man's ears were cut off have both waived probable-cause hearings.

Attorneys for Gary Johnson and Jennifer Robbins waived their clients' right to the hearings Wednesday in Stokes District Court. The cases have been bound over to Superior Court.

Authorities allege that on Aug. 24, Johnson and Robbins were fighting with Tony Wagner of Pine Hall when a serrated kitchen knife was used to cut off his ears. His genitals also were cut. Wagner, who had come to Johnson's mobile home for a tattoo, also was beaten and stabbed. Wagner's ears were retrieved and reattached.

Johnson, 29, of 1065 Alamo Drive and Robbins, 18, of 2043 Piney Mountain Road have both been charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, malicious castration, maiming, and kidnapping.