N* "Series" Final Results


May 24, 2002
san francisco
The final “series” results for the N* DH races are finally tabulated. Sorry for any errors, N* likes to switch some of the lower classifications around so it’s a bit difficult trying to figure out who should be in what class sometimes and the posted names aren’t always spelled correctly but I think you guys should be able to decipher it.
Highlights from the classes that actually had some competition (check me if I’m wrong):
-B18 1. Ryan Shomsky 2. Graeme Pitts 3. Ronnie Fascenda all with about 10pts between them for the top 3 spots.
-B40 1. John Kresich 2. William Dunkun 3. James Koch (William moved up to E40 for this last race and I’m sure Asa [sorry if I misspelled] had something to do with that)
-B11/B13 1.Grant Dettmer with a huge 60 point lead over the nearest competitor.
-E18 1.Ryan Kresich with a 40 point lead over 2. Machael Ravizza.
-E24 1. Daniel Ures (Utes?) 2. Justin Vorhees 3.Ryan Cornilsen
-E29 1. Andy Hillard 2. Mike Miller
-E39 1. Tie: Heath Sherratt/Lars Thompsen at 90 points each swapping there finishes at consecutive races with Chris Carscadden coming in 3rd at 84pts.
-S18/SJ 1. Landon Vega over 2. Shon Stark by 6pts
-S29 1.Ben Fish over 2. Sky Emerson by 4 pts over 3. Eric Sudhausen by 1 point. One of the toughest battles of the series.
-S39 1. Javier Bustamante 2. Eric Sterner (Sorry I missed the last race Javier let’s do it again in the Expert class next year)
-S40 1. Jeff Sesky 2. Randy Robison, another good battle form the first 3 races.

Congratulations to all the racers it was a good time racing with you all and setting up the points (as imperfect as it was). Hopefully I’ll be able to put something better together next year to get you guys stoked.


BTW I just uploaded the file so if it doesn;t show the most recent results they should be there tomorrow.