n00b downhill protection gear advice


May 8, 2012
New Zealand
Hey guys, i got my first real bike this year in January and have been out riding almost every week since. I only bothered getting a fullface and gloves and decided i would get some guards later. Well i screwed my footing up on a jump the other day and smashed my shin into the pedal so it is now time to get some guards because it hurts like hell.

Looking at knee/shin combo to be exact. I dont know too much about whats considered to be a good product or not, and dont have many friends into MTBing. Im currently looking at 3 and not sure which way to go,

1. Fox Launch

2. Alpinestars moab

3. Lizard Skins

All the reviews seem to rave about the lizard skins, and they are cheaper than the moabs. But the reviews for the moabs and launches are good too!

Whos used them? Are they all as good as each other, or is one better? I dont mind paying more for a product like the moabs if they are better

Thanks in advance for any advice/tips. I will now go for a lurk here and see if i can find some useful info


Jul 21, 2011
Im using Lizard Skins 3+ years, and they still great!

- very good protection for shins & knees
- good protection for all leg (i got XXL, im medium guy, its a mistake, but no problem)
- minimal slip/twist (I use then on clothes, and on naked body, under pants and so on.. winter sumer, all year long)

- Hot in summer (in our country max is +30 celcium)
- after 3 years its smell as hell :D
- week point at transition between shin plate and knee plate (donno if its XXL size problem)

All in all - i will buy another one set, but i think i can run them +2 season more :)
I recomend then for all who looking for good & comfortable protection
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