Nasty business afoot - Burke and KT

Apr 22, 2003
Lower VT
A friend of mine alerted me to this story regarding the severance of the land use agreement between Burke mountain (now called Q Burke) and Kingdom Trails:

The story has unleashed a flood of comments below the article from locals and KT supporters. My friend, who is the president of our local mountain bike club, e-mailed Ary Quiros, the "CEO" of Q Burke to voice his dissatisfaction. Quiros replied with the following:

"The mistake is following all of you. you have neglected a great product here and the hard working employees that make Burke work. kingdom trails took advantage of a weak and vulnerable organization to their benefit. now I have stopped it with great pleasure. burke is coming back strong and it's not afraid to do what is right.
I assure you I will not follow you or your group so do what you have to do.
this is an exciting place here and believe me, it's not because of kingdom trails."

Ary Quiros
President & CEO
Q Burke Mountain Resort LLC

I will gladly remove the contact info from this post if the mods deem it necessary. However, I was hoping to enlist the help of the Monkey and other like-minded individuals to flood the inbox of one Ary Quiros to voice our collective dissatisfaction. I don't think that he appreciates the power and solidarity of the mountain biking community. I call you to e-jihad in the name of mountain biking and the American Way!


Sep 8, 2009
KT is a non-profit organization that use public and privately owned land.

Burke Mtn is a business. Businesses need to make money.

All this BS going on up there definitely sucks but flooding some dudes e-mail box with hate mail isn't going to change anything.


Pig my fish!
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May 23, 2002
borcester rhymes
Burke summer operations will never survive without kt. The trails are ****ty and not enough of a draw to compete with highland. Burke will either profit off of people going to kt and wanting to ride a lift, or close shortly after going solo. If they opened up the top of the mountain and built another six trails, they could charge 35 for a ticket. As it is, 35 between the trail pass and lift ticket was too much for me to consider it worth it this summer. I just wish qman wasn't such a c word about it.