[nbr] Dirty Stinkie Bellingham Hippies!!


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Feb 15, 2004
Chintimini Bog
I'm going to be visiting up there and need advice. Stuff for dirty hippies to entertain themselves with. Local Co-op, restaurants with a veggie and/or organic free range twist, general stuff to do. Any good bakeries up there? Possibly looking at moving there in a couple years so this is a "quality of life" recon mission. Unfortunately, the bike will be left behind. No Galby for me :(. Seems to be a perfect local - university town smack in the middle of everything. Dates will be Sept 11-14 if theres any good entertainment happening [doesn't have to be dirty hippie, punk show to broadway will suffice] please clue me in. Any linkies? Thanks.

~Another dirty hippie moving up to call you brother/sister and bum change.
[Kidding, I have no hair, shower regularly, and earn my keep :dancing: ]


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May 23, 2002
Bellingham, Washington ~ U.S.A.
Move up here! You could go to galbraithmt.com (then click on Buzz for the forum) and ask about local stuff and you will probably get more answers than on here, maybe. You dont have to become a member to post in the forum. I'd say try that for some results.


Sep 6, 2001
Tacoma, WA
Lots of hippie crap in the ham.

Co-op site here

Casa Que Pasa has good vegi and vegan options for decent prices

There are a couple of good bakeries but I can't remember them off hand. It's been a few years since I spent much time there. I just seem to buy gas there on the way to BC anymore.

I guess they have a Whole Foods there too now if your into that place.

There are a bunch of poser hippie kids that hang around town and panhandle. Be sure to tell them to F off and go back to their parents' chuckanut mansions.