nbr-Help change a situation in Virginia


Mar 28, 2007
Mehoopany, PA
A Friend of mine made a stupid mistake over 20 years ago. This stupid thing caused her to be arrested and convicted of a felony. She had never done anything wrong before or since. The Law states that she must and has carried the "Convicted Felon" title the rest of her life. In the state of Virginia, you can be discriminated against for employment if you carry the Felon tag. Every time she applys for a job that does a criminal backgroud check she gets turned down no matter how qualified she is. She is attempting to get the law changed for people in her situation. If you feel this is a good cause please sign her petition. She Already has her local representive considering backing her and a lot of signatures could help.

go to http://www.petitiononline.com/2ndchnce/ to help out