Need advice for my krupped rear wheel.

Dec 3, 2009
I brought my rear Azonic Outlaw to a shop last week to have them fix it up. It was barely untrue and some of the spokes seemed more tensioned than others. I got it back and it was true but some of the spokes still felt a little looser. After riding for 1 day at highland there are 5-10 spokes that are very loose with multiple threads showing on the spoke, and I can turn the nipples easily by hand. The rim is still almost perfectly true, which is strange. I didnt land on the wheel sideways or anything.

Did the shop screw something up on my wheel? I'm going on a road trip to Whistler in 1 week, and I dont really trust the shop to fix my wheel again. Would it be worthwhile to try to untension all the spokes so 1 thread is showing and then re-tensioning them?

please help


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May 23, 2002
Buy a spoke wrench and true it yourself. That's what I did with my outlaws. They start off kind of loose, and after a season or two you'll have a lot of loose spokes. Throw the wheel in your frame and start turning until the spokes have good, even tension. It's not a professional job, but it sounds like your shop ripped you off by forgetting to retension the wheel after truing. Mine held up fine for a half season of racing, then I sold the bike. I just tightened until the spoke was stout and a flick held the same note across most of the spokes.