Need help with photoshop/finding a paint scheme for my bike!


Oct 19, 2009
Well, I have no idea if I posted this in the right place or not, but here goes.

I recently picked up a dirtjump bike in need of a paint. I was thinking a matte or satin paint job because all my painting imperfections wont show as much, and when it scratched, I can paint over them and have it blend almost perfectly. I want to do two tone, and I'm thinking black and white because the paint is cheap and simple.

I tried to find the plainest already white bike:

Here is the two tone I was thinking:


I was thinking of having the top and bottom of the head tube black to go with the black stem, and black crown on the fork, as well as the top of the seat tube black to transition into the black seat clamp and post. Also thinking of having the area around the bottom bracket and drop outs black as well as it will be easier to keep a clean appearance when dirt and grease get down there...

What do ya think?